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Since ZF 2.0 will be upon us later 2008, now would be a good time to start discussing the pain points and potential growth ideas that might resolve around Zend_Session.  The motivation is that since ZF 2.0 represents a non-BC release, we have the opportunity to take and grow the API in a way that makes it more consistent with the rest of the framework as well as clean up the code and provide an API that is as updated as the current PHP version requirement.

Areas for Improvement

  1. Overall Component Structure
    • Should Zend_Session become a Singleton?
    • Should Zend_Session support pluggable/modular storage engines (ext/session as default)?
    • Examine how Zend_Session_Namespace can be more consistent with the Zend_Registry interface/api and visa-versa
  2. Zend_Session Component Unit Testing
    • Need better test coverage
    • Need better mechanism for request simulation (currently using exec, perhaps runkit would be better?) We should talk to Sebastien on this one
  3. Zend_Session Consumer Unit Testing
    • FlashMessenger should be able to use whatever mechanism is used by Zend_Session for unit testing
  4. Zend_Session will not work with PHP 5.2.0, perhaps ZF can raise requirements
  5. Documentation overhaul with any changes implemented
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