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Help Wanted

The wiki supports email change notifications (including digest mode). See the envelope icon in the upper right side of this page. Individuals can easily track progress for only the translations they care about. Much thanks to Ralf for getting this started.

We encourage people to communicate in whatever language they prefer.

5 Easy Steps to Become a Translator - See 1 to 4, and the 5th step is posting to the fw-docs mailing list.
If you see this "[~nocla]", then please ask that person to send a CLA before contributing.

Documentation Team

The ZF documentation team helps with tasks and projects affecting all versions of the manual. Many tasks require only basic English skills, so we strongly encourage participation by everyone. All documentation team members are also encouraged to help with the English manual. Many edits, improvements, example contributions, and merging of user-contributed comments do not require strong English skills. Content and accuracy are much more important than "perfect" English, and English experts can adjust wording as needed later.

The documentation team has the authority to edit the English manual. Documentation project team members include:

Translation Teams

Using this Wiki to Support the Teams

Ralf wrote:

Any suggestion for improvement is highly appreciated. With a page for
each team the translation coordination could be visible for anyone
outside the team or mailing list. So people might decide to help when
they see some concrete tasks to do, like "Zend_Cache needs to be
translated to French" for example.

Ralf Eggert wrote:
> Hi again,
> another idea just came to my mind. We could even use the wiki for
> coordinating the translation work.
> Each translation team gets his own wiki page. On these pages the team
> can list its members and resume where the team is needing help, e.g.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> German translation team needs your help in the following tasks:
> - initial translation the chapters from English to German
> - Zend_Form
> - Zend_Super_Class
> - ...
> - proofreading the German translation to look for
> - translation mistakes
> - misspelling and typos
> - improve the understandability for
> - Zend_Whatsoever
> - ...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> I am not sure if this is the right word, it should say that
> sometimes a translation might capable of being misunderstood,
> so improvement will be needed.
> In your mail to the general list you could link to these page or even
> pages so that everybody can easily see the current status of each
> translation. The team leaders will then be in charge of keeping this
> page updated.
> The good thing about this is that people who are not in this list but
> want to contribute to the Zend Framework easily can see where their help
> is needed and get in contact with the team.
> What do you all think about this?
> Best Regards,
> Ralf

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