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Help Wanted

We would like to list a few basic, simple standards and conventions that you believe would make it easier for the documentation teams to keep consistent.

Use Case Examples

Code Examples

Code examples in the documentation should follow the ZF coding standard. For example the "?>" closing tag should not be used. In fact, the documentation should clarify the reasons why it should not be used (avoids problems with whitespace after the closing tag causing the browser to see "blank" pages).

Incorporating Examples and Suggestions from the Community

If the contributions are more than about 1 or 2 lines of code, we probably need a CLA. We should follow fair use conventions.

Avoid replicating phpdoc contents

phpdoc documentation is generated automatically from comments in the source code.
Only APIs of components meant to be directly used by end ZF developers need translation.
Replicating all the phpdoc documentation for internal-use components and classes is not wanted. In any case, at this time, we would like the documentation teams to focus on translating the English manual, not the phpdoc pages for the handful of components with public-facing API's.

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