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During the IRC meeting on 2011-08-17, one big question arose: what will ZF2 include? The basic consensus is that it should be "core" plus the MVC. The questions remaining are:

  • What is core?
  • What needs to be done for the MVC?
  • How should we distribute ZF2?

This RFC is intended for gathering feedback as to how we might categorize the various pieces of the distribution, and what the "standard" distribution might include.

Currently, I propose the following categories, with a number of questions marked for discussion.

  • Core functionality:
    • Autoloading and Plugin Loading
    • Configuration
    • Caching
    • Logging
    • EventManager
    • DI
    • Code Generation and Reflection
    • HTTP and REST client
    • URI
    • Session
    • Console
    • Db
    • Json
    • DOM manipulation and querying
    • Crypt
    • Filter and Validator
    • Serialization
    • Stdlib
      • SPL extensions
      • Dispatchable
      • Callback
    • Memory
    • Version
  • On the fence (not sure if this is core functionality, or belongs in MVC or extensions):
    • Acl
    • Authentication
    • I18n/L10n (internationalization/localization)
      • Currency
      • Date
      • Locale
      • Measure
      • Translator
      • TimeSync
    • Queue
  • MVC
    • "Controller" (front controller, page/action controllers)
    • View and Layout
      • Navigation
      • Paginator
      • ProgressBar
      • Tag Cloud
      • Text\Table
    • Server components
      • XML-RPC
      • JSON-RPC
      • SOAP
      • AMF
    • Form components
    • Javascript extensions
    • Debug
    • Wildfire
    • Tool
    • Functional testing infrastructure
  • Extensions and Extras
    • Identity
      • OAuth
      • OpenID
      • InfoCard
      • LDAP
    • Mail
      • MIME
    • Barcode
    • Services
      • Including GData
    • Feed reader, writer, and PuSH
    • Cloud
    • PDF
    • Search and/or Lucene
    • Markup

The ZF2 "standard distribution" might then be defined as "Core" + "MVC". Anything outside of this that we ship would be considered "extra", and could be included in a "full distribution" package; otherwise, they could be grabbed individually (along with their dependencies) via a distribution mechanism such as Pyrus. Alternately, bundles (meta-packages) such as "services" could be created to distribute multiple features at once, along with "core".

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