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<p>When DST ended in 2011, we rolled meetings forward to 18:00 UTC. However, with DST back in effect, this is excluding a large number of our European contributors. During the 2012-04-04 IRC meeting, we initially voted to roll back to 17:00 UTC, but this appears to be an even worse option. Based on ML feedback and IRC comments, it looks like ending by 16:00 UTC or starting at 19:00 or 20:00 UTC may work best. I'm listing the most popular options below for us to vote on.</p>

<p>Please vote for an option below. If none of the options suits you, please mention this in the comments.</p>

<p>Voting is anonymous.</p>

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What time should IRC meetings be held? (Log In to vote.)
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14:00 UTC

15:00 UTC

19:00 UTC

20:00 UTC

21:00 UTC


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