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If the language that you are translating to is writen from right to left, maybe you will face some problems with DocBook and the words won't appear in the right way.
I met this problem too when I was translating to Arabic, but I did some steps which helped in solving the problem and I hope that this steps will help you too.

All the following steps will take place in your language's directory on SVN
f.e. \svn\trunk\documentation\manual\ar (the Arabic Language dir)

Table of Contents

Changing the direction of the contents in the page to be RTL

  1. open "\build\docbook-xsl\html\docbook.xsl"
  2. after the line #116 which contains

    add this line

Reseting the direction of the tagto be LTR

  1. open "\build\docbook-xsl\html\verbatim.xsl"
  2. on the lines #51, 58, 91 and 111


Aligning the contents to right:

  1. open "\html\dbstyle.css"
  2. add this at the end of the file.

Translating the generated static words in the docs

what I mean is replacing the words like "Next, index, chapter ..etc" with its
equal words in the language that's you are translating to.

Is my language supported?
check "\build\docbook-xsl\common\" for list of supported translations.
  1. open "\manual.xml"
  2. on line #8 change the value of the attribute "lang" of the tag "book" from "en" to the acronym of the language that you are translating to.
    f.e. if you are translating to Arabic(ar), it will be
  3. replace the contents of the tags "title" and "edition" with the content's translation.

Fixing the problem of the embeded english words in the content

The problem: when you set the direction of the contents to be RTL and there is english words embeded in the content formated like "$name" and "Zend::dump()".
this words will appear in the generated Docs in that way ( "name$" and "()Zend::dump".
The solution: when translating write this words in that way ( "name$" and "()Zend::dump" ) so when it's displayed in the Docs, it will appear in the right way.

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