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Please join the Zend Framework community by subscribing to the mailing lists that interest you, using the e-mail account you wish to send messages from.

You can also view all messages through our searchable mailing list archive.

How to subscribe

Please remember to subscribe using the e-mail address you use to post messages. Using a different e-mail address may result in substantial delays or a lost message, since we manually review and approve non-spam messages received from e-mail addresses not subscribed to a mailing list.

You may subscribe to each list individually, according to your preference, or you may use a shortcut to subscribe to all the lists, except fw-announce, fw-general, fw-docs, fw-svn. The shortcut is

Do not subscribe to both fw-all and any of the other lists (other than fw-announce, fw-general, fw-docs, or fw-svn), or you will get duplicate messages.

In general, to subscribe, send a mail to (listname) (e.g.,

How to unsubscribe

Every mail sent by a list contains mail headers. (To view them in Thunderbird, use Ctrl-U.) For example:

In general, to unsubscribe, send a mail to (listname) (e.g.,

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