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Zend Framework Translator - Manual Compilation Instructions


The manual is written in Docbook XML and requires a Unix-like operating system with the standard GNU toolchain and xsltproc or a similar XSLT processor to build the source XML into the HTML that is shipped with the Zend Framework distributions.

On Windows, you can compile the docbook using Cygwin. See:

Installation for Windows users

Installation steps for Cygwin:

  1. Choose "Install from Internet", click [Next]
  2. Choose the directory where you want to install Cygwin. Leave the other options on their "RECOMMENDED" selection. Click [Next]
  3. Select a directory where you want downloaded files to be stored. Click [Next]
  4. Select your way of connecting to the Internet. Click [Next]
  5. Choose the most suitable mirror in the mirrorlist. Click [Next]
  6. Select the following packages to install:
  • Devel > automake1.9
  • Devel > make
  • Libs > libxslt
    All dependent packages will automatically be selected for you. Click [Next]
  1. Sit back and relax while Cygwin and the selected packages are being downloaded and installed. This may take a while.
  2. Check the option "Create icon on Desktop" and "Add icon to Start Menu" to your liking. Click [Finish].

Building the manual (*nix AND Cygwin)

To build the documentation into HTML:

  1. Go to a shell prompt, or Windows users will run Cygwin (you can double-click the icon on the Desktop or in the Start menu if you've chosen any of these options at install-time)
  2. Navigate to the directory where the documentation files are stored using the traditional Unix commands. For Cygwin users, drives are stored under "/cygdrive". So if your documentation files are stored under "c:\ZF\documentation", you'll need to run the command "cd c:/ZF/documentation/".
    You're under a Unix environment, so don't forget all paths are case sensitive!
  3. To compile the doc, go to the directory in which manual.xml is located and run:
    $ autoconf
    $ ./configure
    $ chmod +x ./.build/
    $ make

Rebuilding the manual

If you have made changes to the documentation and need to rebuild the HTML pages, navigate a shell to the documentation tree that you wish to rebuild, and type the following commands:

$ make clean
$ make


If you're encountering errors while trying the build instructions above...

  1. Remove all files from the html/ subdir except dbstyle.css
  1. Remove all files from the root dir except manual.xml,, and README. The important one here is entities.ent.
  1. You can optionally remove the "/autom4te.cache" and the "/build/docbook-xsl" directory
  1. Try to build again following the instructions given above. If it still throws errors, post a message to the list.
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