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[Lars Strojny|]
[Alexander Veremyev (Zend Liaison)|~alexander]

0.1 - 10 March 2007: Initial submission
0.2 - 26 December: Added details

Zend_Service_SecondLife provides a convenient way to access the Second Life API provided by Linden Labs. Second Life is a virtual reality game.
Currently the API just offers methods to create new accounts.

*[Linden Labs PHP-lib (PHP4 only)|]
*[Second Life API documentation|]
*[Sources in the laboratory|]

* Zend_Http_Client

* Zend_Exception

This component is used to call the Secondlife API. Until now only user registrations are possible. The proprietary SecondLife API protocol is similiar to XML/RPC and therefore a similiar design pattern is used (every value represented by an object).

* Milestone 1: Get feedback
* Milestone 2: Work on prototype in the laboratory
* Milestone 3: \[DONE\] Working prototype supporting retrieval of valid SL last names, getting error codes, verifying names and creating users.
* Milestone 4: Checkin to the incubator.
* Milestone 5: Unit tests exist, work, and are checked into SVN.
* Milestone 6: Initial documentation exists.

* Zend_Service_SecondLife
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Array
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Boolean
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Collection
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Integer
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Key
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Llsd
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Map
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Abstract
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_Scalar
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Value_String
* Zend_Service_SecondLife_Exception

* Zend_Service_SecondLife *will* abstract the access to the SecondLife API
* Zend_Service_SecondLife *will* use Zend_Http_Client for HTTP communication
* Zend_Service_SecondLife *will* wrap all existant SecondLife API calls
* Zend_Service_SecondLife *will not* strictly expose the API calls in the reomte API in 1:1
* Zend_Service_SecondLife *will* normalize API calls and paramater names

||UC-01: Register at SecondLife||
$client = new Zend_Service_SecondLife($firstname, $lastname, $password);
if (!in_array($_POST['name'], $client->getLastNames()) {
$msg = "Invalid last name";
} elseif (!$client->checkName($_POST['first_name'], $_POST['name']) {
$msg = "Name already registered";
} elsif (!$client->registerUser($_POST['first_name'], $_POST['name'], $_POST['email'], $_POST['password'], $_POST['date_of_birth'])) {
$msg = "Could not register account";
} else {
$msg = "Everything worked fine";

||UC-02: Use Zend_Service_SecondLife::getLastNames() to retrieve last names for select box||
$client = new Zend_Service_SecondLife($firstname, $lastname, $password);
<form method="post">
<label for="first_name">Firstname</label>
<input id="first_name" type="text" name="first_name"/>

<label for="last_name">Lastname</label>
<select id="last_name" name="last_name">
<? foreach ($client->getLastNames() as $name): ?>
<option><?=$name ?></option>
<? foreachend; ?>

<label for="email">Email</label>
<form id="email" name="email" type="text"/>

<label for="date_of_birth">Date of birth</label>
<form id="date_of_birth" name="date_of_birth" type="text"/>

<input type="submit" value="Register"/>

[See laboratory for a fully working prototype|]