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h1. Contributing to the Zend Framework -- Getting Started


h2. Read the Zend Framework License

The license is BSD based and can be found at

h2. Sign a Contributor License Agreement

To contribute source code or documentation into the framework at any level (from a few lines, through a patch, to a full set of classes), you must first sign the [Contributor License Agreement|]. This will also give you access to become a developer in the issue tracking system and the developer's wiki.

h2. Subscribe to the appropriate mailing lists

||List||Subscription Address||Archives||
|Documentation|[|]| |
|Announcements|[|]| |

h2. Contribute to the Wiki

|Framework \\ Development|[]|
|End-User Wiki|[]|

h2. Report, work on, resolve issues in the Issue Tracker

The [Zend Framework Issue Tracker|] is the place to submit issues of all types. This includes bugs, change requests, feature requests (if large enough, they could be [submitted as a proposal|]), and small patches. It is also the place to track the [release roadmap|] and view the current status of framework components.