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<p>ZF2 will at some areas offer integration with Doctrine2. There are however no plans to ship Doctrine2 with ZF itself. Even if we would want to ship Doctrine2, it would be impossible because of contradicting licenses.</p>

<p>When talking about integration, you can think of:</p>
<li>A ResourcePlugin for Zend\Application that bootstraps Doctrine</li>
<li>An adapter for Zend\Authentication that relies on Doctrine</li>
<li>A cache driver implements Doctrine\Common\Cache\Cache using Zend\Cache</li>
<li>A Zend\Navigation adapter that uses Doctrine.</li>
<li>A writer for Zend\Log</li>
<li>A Doctrine-adapter that can be utilized by Zend\Paginator</li>
<li>A Doctrine-adapter that can be utilized by Zend\Queue</li>
<li>A Doctrine-version of Zend\Validator\Db</li>
<li>A Doctrine-provider that can be utilized by Zend\Tool</li>

<p>Note: Since ZF2 is all new and cool and stuff, we forget about Doctrine version 1...</p>