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1.0 - 1 January 2008: Initial Draft.

Zend_Archive is a component that will be able to read and write archives.

* [Tar Wikipedia Entry|]
* [Archive formats on Wikipedia|]

* Zend_Archive *will* be able to read and edit archives.
* Zend_Archive *will* be able to create new archives.

* Zend_Exception
* Zend_Loader_PluginLoader

This component will first read all the metadata from an archive. When requested, it will open a specific file or

* Milestone 1: \[DONE\] Create the proposal
* Milestone 2: Initial class design
* Milestone 3: Submit the proposal for community review
* Milestone 4: Create working prototype
* Milestone 5: Create code-covering unit tests.

* Zend_Archive
* Zend_Archive_Tar
* Zend_Archive_Gzip
* Zend_Archive_Zip
* Zend_Archive_Bz2
* Zend_Archive_Abstract


Opening and extracting an existing archive.

$tgz = Zend_Archive::factory('path/to/archive.tgz');
// $tgz is an instance of Zend_Archive_Gzip

// will place a .tar file in path/to/extract/directory
$tar = $tgz->extract('path/to/extract/directory');
// $tar is an instance of Zend_Archive_Tar for the newly created tar archive

// you can also get the $tar object without specifying the extraction directory:
$tar = $tgz->extract();

// will extract the data completely into the chosen directory
// this function is designed for formats like tar.gz or tar.bz2


Create an archive and save it to a directory

$zip = Zend_Archive::factory('zip', Zend_Archive::NEW);
// will create an instance of Zend_Archive_Zip

$zip->addDirectory('path/to/directory', 'internal/path/to/directory');

$zip->addFile('path/to/file.ext', 'internal/path/to/file.ext');