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<p>This is a list of possible of enhancements to Zend_Search:</p>

<li>Enhance supported queries</li>
<li>Lucene 2.1 index format support</li>

<h3>Enhance supported queries</h3>
<p>Additional query types should be added.</p>

<li>wildcard queries</li>
<li>range queries</li>

<h3>Lucene 2.1 index format support</h3>
<p>Currently supported Lucene index format is 1.9 (it's also used in the Lucene 2.0).<br />
File format was changed in Lucene 2.1. As I checked today, changes are not large and could be ported in 3-5 days (including necessary unit tests).<br />
It's important to be in accordance with Java version and also gives some improvements - new format needs less locks and more stable for concurrent processing. </p>