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* [~thomas]
** Team lead and main author of Zend_Translate
* [~gavin]
** (Zend-liaison)

1.0 - 08 October 2006: New source integration for Zend_Translate.

Zend_Translate_Xliff is an additional source integration for the core component Zend_Translate.

* [XLIFF Specification|]
* [What is XLIFF ?|]

* Zend_Translate_Xliff is an additional source format for Zend_Translate
* It will integrate the XLIFF (Xml Localization File Format) into the Zend_Framework
* This component can not create new XLIFF files, it only can parse them for framework integration

* Zend_Translate_Abstract
* Zend_Exception

This component integrates the XLIFF localization source format into the Zend_Framework.
The XLIFF standard is based on XML files. It is todays industry standard for translation source file exporting.
It derives from Zend_Translate_Abstract and can be used by Zend_Translate to serve source files for translation.

* Milestone 1: \[DONE\] proposal written
* Milestone 2: finishing [Zend_Translate - Thomas Weidner]
* Milestone 3: Code class based on Zend_Translate_Abstract
* Milestone 4: Unit tests and debugging
* Milestone 5: Documentation done

* Zend_Translate_Xliff

Use of translation - HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE: de_AT
$lang = new Zend_Translate(Zend_Translate::XLIFF, '\home\www\lang\');
print $lang->_('Do you speak german ?'); // Prints: Sprichst Du deutsch ?

Real implementation depends on the completed definition for Zend_Translate_Abstract which is actual in progress.
class Zend_Translate_Xliff extends Zend_Translate_Abstract
public function setSource();
public function getSource();
public function getLanguage();