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<p>Changes to the Zend_Soap component that may or may not be important to make this component better for the 2.0 release. This has to be split into the 4 subcomponents.</p>

<p><strong>The following list is no guaruantee that the features will be included at any time in Zend_Soap</strong></p>



<li>Add a new Zend_Soap_Server_Autodiscovered that combines Zend_Soap_Server and Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover to listen at one location for server.php and server.php?Wsdl automatically. Can be implemented fairly simple through some kind of proxy/composite pattern mixture.</li>


<li>Change Constructor to take all dependencies and straighten up their usage.</li>
<li>Refactor Zend_Soap_AutoDiscover to build WSDL file only in handle() function and not before. Delegate this building to a builder class for simple switching.</li>
<li>Renaming of ComplexTypes based on a &quot;classmap&quot; like option that hides or simplifies naming of the service related classes in generation for the WSDL file.</li>
<li>Try the possibility of adding multiple services as specified in WSDL specification.</li>
<li>Add real XSD generation support via reflection on PHP DocBlock. Something looking like that : <a href="">Improvement for the AutoDiscover</a></li>


<li>Refactor to take work out of the constructor.</li>
<li>Allowing adding of soap:header tags.</li>
<li>Implement the WSDL specification more causiously.</li>
<li>Split rendering the WSDL structure parts from the rendering of the SOAP structure parts, so that the different namespace requirements on their own and can be combined to form the final SOAP-WSDL file.</li>
<li>Implement a simple WSDL Parser for Unit-Testing purposes and Zend_Tool Code Generation support from WSDL files for SOAP Clients.</li>