What version of PHP is Zend Framework 3 based on?

Zend Framework 3 depends on PHP 5.6+ and is optimized for PHP 7.

Iā€™m starting a new project ā€“ which version of Zend Framework should I use?

We recommend using either:

  • Expressive, which is currently stable at version 2. If you have never developed with Zend Framework before, or not comfortable with zend-mvc, we recommend Expressive.
  • Zend Framework version 3, via the Skeleton Application.
If you still not sure what to choose check our documentation: Should You Choose zend-expressive Over zend-mvc?

I have an application built with Zend Framework 2 ā€“ will I be able to migrate it to version 3?

Development of Zend Framework 3 was highly focused on mitigating migration issues, and included a number of releases that provided forwards compatibility features to assist in migration. You can read about migration in our documentation.


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