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This source file is subject to the new BSD license that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE.txt. It is also available through the world-wide-web at this URL: http://framework.zend.com/license/new-bsd If you did not receive a copy of the license and are unable to obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send an email to license@zend.com so we can send you a copy immediately.

Copyright (c) 2005-2012 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (http://www.zend.com)  
New BSD License  
$Id: Exception.php 24594 2012-01-05 21:27:01Z matthew $  


Package: Zend\Pdf\Core

Exception class for Zend_Pdf.

If you expect a certain type of exception to be caught and handled by the caller, create a constant for it here and include it in the object being thrown. Example:

throw new Zend_Pdf_Exception('foo() is not yet implemented', Zend_Pdf_Exception::NOT_IMPLEMENTED);

This allows the caller to determine the specific type of exception that was thrown without resorting to parsing the descriptive text.

IMPORTANT: Do not rely on numeric values of the constants! They are grouped sequentially below for organizational purposes only. The numbers may come to mean something in the future, but they are subject to renumbering at any time. ALWAYS use the symbolic constant names, which are guaranteed never to change, in logical checks! You have been warned.

\Zend_Exception < \Exception
Copyright (c) 2005-2012 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (http://www.zend.com)  
New BSD License  


Constant  NOT_IMPLEMENTED = 0x0001

The feature or option is planned but has not yet been implemented. It should be available in a future revision of the framework.

Constant  DEPRECATED = 0x0002

The feature or option has been deprecated and will be removed in a future revision of the framework. The descriptive text accompanying this exception should explain how to use the replacement features or options.

Constant  TOO_FEW_PARAMETERS = 0x0003

Not enough paramaters were supplied to the method.

Constant  BAD_PARAMETER_TYPE = 0x0004

A parameter was of the wrong data type.

Constant  BAD_PARAMETER_VALUE = 0x0005

A parameter contained an unusable value.


A parameter value was not within the expected range.

Constant  BAD_METHOD_SIGNATURE = 0x0007

The method that has multiple signatures could not understand the number and/or types of parameters.

Constant  INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGE = 0x0008

An array or string index was out of range.

Constant  BAD_FILE_PATH = 0x0101

The file path was unusable or invalid.

Constant  NOT_READABLE = 0x0102

The file is not readable by the current user.

Constant  NOT_WRITEABLE = 0x0103

The file is not writeable by the current user.

Constant  FILE_NOT_OPEN = 0x0104

The file resource has been closed unexpectedly.

Constant  CANT_OPEN_FILE = 0x0105

An error was encountered while attempting to open the file.

Constant  CANT_GET_FILE_POSITION = 0x0106

An error was encountered while attempting to obtain the current file position.

Constant  CANT_SET_FILE_POSITION = 0x0107

An error was encountered while attempting to set a new file position.

Constant  MOVE_BEFORE_START_OF_FILE = 0x0108

An attempt was made to move the current file position before the start of the file.

Constant  MOVE_BEYOND_END_OF_FILE = 0x0109

An attempt was made to move the current file position beyond the end of the file.

Constant  CANT_GET_FILE_SIZE = 0x010a

An error was encountered while attempting to obtain the file size.

Constant  ERROR_DURING_READ = 0x010b

An error was encountered while attempting to read data from the file.

Constant  ERROR_DURING_WRITE = 0x010c

An error was encountered while attempting to write data to the file.

Constant  INVALID_PAGE_SIZE = 0x010d

An incompatible page size was specified for a buffered read operation.

Constant  INSUFFICIENT_DATA = 0x010e

There is insufficient data to fulfill the read request.

Constant  BAD_DATA_SOURCE = 0x0201

The file parser data source object was invalid or improperly initialized.

Constant  INVALID_BYTE_ORDER = 0x0202

An unknown byte order was specified.

Constant  INVALID_INTEGER_SIZE = 0x0203

An invalid integer size was specified.

Constant  BAD_FIXED_POINT_SIZE = 0x0204

An invalid fixed-point number size was specified.

Constant  CANT_READ_STRING = 0x0205

The string cannot be read.

Constant  PARSED_OUT_OF_ORDER = 0x0206

This file type must be parsed in a specific order and a parsing method was called out-of-turn.

Constant  WRONG_FONT_TYPE = 0x0301

The font file type is incorrect.

Constant  BAD_TABLE_COUNT = 0x0302

The number of tables contained in the font is outside the expected range.


A required table was not present in the font.


The parser does not understand this version of this table in the font.

Constant  BAD_MAGIC_NUMBER = 0x0304

The magic number in the font file is incorrect.

Constant  CANT_FIND_GOOD_CMAP = 0x0305

Could not locate a usable character map for this font.

Constant  CMAP_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED = 0x0401

The character map type is currently unsupported.

Constant  CMAP_UNKNOWN_TYPE = 0x0402

The type of the character map is not understood.

Constant  CMAP_TABLE_DATA_TOO_SMALL = 0x0403

The character map table data is too small.

Constant  CMAP_WRONG_TABLE_TYPE = 0x0404

The character map table data is for a different type of table.

Constant  CMAP_WRONG_TABLE_LENGTH = 0x0405

The character map table data contains in incorrect length.


This character map table is language-dependent. Character maps must be language-independent.


The final byte offset when reading the character map table data does not match the reported length of the table.

Constant  CMAP_WRONG_ENTRY_COUNT = 0x0408

The character map subtable entry count does not match the expected value.

Constant  GLYPH_OUT_OF_RANGE = 0x0501

The specified glyph number is out of range for this font.

Constant  FONT_CANT_BE_EMBEDDED = 0x0502

This font program has copyright bits set which prevent it from being embedded in the PDF file. You must specify the no-embed option to use this font.

Constant  BAD_FONT_NAME = 0x0601

The font name did not match any previously instantiated font and is not one of the standard 14 PDF fonts.


The factory method could not determine the type of the font file.

Constant  BAD_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE = 0x0701

The specified attribute value for the text object cannot be used.

Constant  WRONG_IMAGE_TYPE = 0x0802
Constant  IMAGE_FILE_CORRUPT = 0x0804
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