Abstract Class Zend_View_Helper_FormElement


Base helper for form elements. Extend this, don't use it on its own.

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Direct descendents
Class Description
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormHidden Helper to generate a "hidden" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormLabel Form label helper
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormErrors Helper to render errors for a form element
 class Zend_View_Helper_Fieldset Helper for rendering fieldsets
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormButton Helper to generate a "button" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormTextarea Helper to generate a "textarea" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_Form Helper for rendering HTML forms
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormText Helper to generate a "text" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormFile Helper to generate a "file" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormSelect Helper to generate "select" list of options
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormImage Helper to generate an "image" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_HtmlList Helper for ordered and unordered lists
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormReset Helper to generate a "reset" button
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormRadio Helper to generate a set of radio button elements
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormNote Helper to show an HTML note
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormCheckbox Helper to generate a "checkbox" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormPassword Helper to generate a "password" element
 class Zend_View_Helper_FormSubmit Helper to generate a "submit" button
Variable Summary
Method Summary
 Zend_View_Helper_FormElement setTranslator ([$translator|null $translator = null])
 array _getInfo ( $name, [ $value = null], [ $attribs = null], [ $options = null], [ $listsep = null])
 string _hidden ($name $name, [$value $value = null], [$attribs $attribs = null])
Zend_Translate $_translator (line 41)
  • access: protected

Inherited Variables

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getTranslator (line 48)

Get translator

  • access: public
Zend_Translate getTranslator ()
setTranslator (line 59)

Set translator

  • access: public
Zend_View_Helper_FormElement setTranslator ([$translator|null $translator = null])
  • $translator|null $translator: Zend_Translate
_getInfo (line 88)

Converts parameter arguments to an element info array.

E.g, formExample($name, $value, $attribs, $options, $listsep) is the same thing as formExample(array('name' => ...)).

Note that you cannot pass a 'disable' param; you need to pass it as an 'attribs' key.

  • return: An element info array with keys for name, value, attribs, options, listsep, disable, and escape.
  • access: protected
array _getInfo ( $name, [ $value = null], [ $attribs = null], [ $options = null], [ $listsep = null])
  • $name
  • $value
  • $attribs
  • $options
  • $listsep
_hidden (line 194)

Creates a hidden element.

We have this as a common method because other elements often need hidden elements for their operation.

  • return: A hidden element.
  • access: protected
string _hidden ($name $name, [$value $value = null], [$attribs $attribs = null])
  • $name $name: The element name.
  • $value $value: The element value.
  • $attribs $attribs: Attributes for the element.

Inherited Methods

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Class Constants

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