Expressive 1.0.0 STABLE Released!

The Zend Framework community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Expressive 1.0.0 STABLE!

You can install it using Composer, via the create-project command:

$ composer create-project zendframework/zend-expressive-skeleton expressive

If you were using a release candidate, you can update your existing applications using:

$ composer require "zendframework/zend-expressive:^1.0"

What's new in the stable version?


Well, not "nothing". Since last week, we merged a few documentation fixes, but, more importantly, finalized our documentation. This included a few changes:

  • Some re-organization, to better categorize the documentation hierarchy.
  • Switching from bookdown to MkDocs as our build engine of choice. We'd already been using MkDocs to publish on ReadTheDocs, so this wasn't a huge change. The choice was made based on stability, maturity, and ecosystem; MkDocs has been around for quite some time, and enabled us to accomplish a number of ideas quite quickly.
  • Automated publishing to GitHub Pages, via Travis-CI. Any time we push to our master branch, the documentation will be updated.

We're quite proud of the results, and hope that the new documentation serves our users well.

What's to look forward to?

Shipping a stable version means that you can depend on the API going forward. As such, we're messaging that it's production ready; start building and shipping your applications on it today!

For the next feature version, we already have a few things scheduled:


We wish to thank everyone who contributed to the Expressive project! (That previous sentence is a link for every one of our 11 Expressive repositories!)

Additionally, we thank everyone who has provided us feedback — whether in the form of questions, bug reports, or suggestions — these past few months; without the critical feedback, the project would not be where it is today.

A few folks stand out:

  • Enrico Zimuel, who started it all!
  • Geert Eltink, who did the hard work of making the installer work!
  • Hari K T, who nudged us to split the repository into discrete, single-purpose projects!
  • Michael Moussa, who suggested the idea that middleware specifications could be pipelines themselves — and then implemented the solution!

Write your next project Expressively!

Write your PSR-7 middleware today! Consult the documentation to get started!



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