Zend Framework 3 Update for 2016-01-28

This is an installment in an ongoing series of bi-weekly posts on ZF3 development status.

The highlights:

  • 70 pull requests merged

  • 2 components updated to zend-servicemanager/zend-eventmanager v3 changes
  • 23 releases of components, including Expressive 1.0, and new maintenance releases of Apigility and the ZF2 package.
  • Kickstarting of the documentation migration

Expressive 1.0!

Following two final release candidates, and after three months in release candidate status, we've finally tagged Expressive 1.0 stable! Among other things, we've created a dedicated documentation site, which will update automatically as features are merged to the project.

We feel Expressive is the true cornerstone of the ZF3 initiative, and we look forward to seeing the middleware-based projects people develop using it!

ZF2 and Apigility

We noted that the zendframework/zendframework package, which since 2.5.0 has been a metapackage aggregating the various independent components, was using ~2.5.0 for component constraints. This is problematic, as many components have 2.6 and even 2.7 versions, and some of those contain security fixes. To fix this, we released version 2.5.3, which modifies the component constraints to ^2.5, allowing them to get the latest 2.X series of any given component.

We also released version 1.3.2 of Apigility, to bring in some changes merged many months ago to fix things like DB Autodiscovery, as well as to pick up the 2.5.3 version of ZF2.


Gary Hockin generously donated some time and wrote scripts to automate translation of individual component documentation from the ZF2 reStructured Text sources to markdown, and submitted pull requests across all components, which we have now merged. These are incomplete; some syntax cannot be translated correctly, imports within files could not be automated, etc.

If you want to assist, we've labeled all documentation tasks (link requires github login); feel free to jump in on the effort!

We're also working on a plan to host the documentation via GitHub Pages, to allow constant, up-to-date documentation, based on the work we did for the Expressive documentation. Most of the tooling for this is now created, and we will be able to start pushing it out to components once their documentation is ready to publish.

Pull request activity

Since the last update, we've merged over 70 pull requests (link requires a GitHub account). Activity has been particularly high on Expressive and documentation issues.

Component Releases

The following is a list of component releasessince the last update, minus a number of Expressive releases leading to the stable release. While not all releases are related to ZF3 specifically, this list is intended to detail activity within the organization.

  • zend-view 2.5.3 adds support for the itemprop HTML attribute in the headLink() view helper, and updates PhpRenderer::render() to no longer lazy-instantiate a FilterChain if none is already present.
  • zend-servicemanager 2.7.4 fixed an issue with resolving aliases of aliases due to canonicalization changes in previous versions.
  • zend-servicemanager 3.0.1 removes the dependency on zend-stdlib by inlining the ArrayUtils::merge() routine into the Config class.
  • zend-expressive-twigrenderer 1.1.0 adds several new features:
    • url and absolute_url template functions for generating URL paths and absolute URIs.
    • New "globals" configuration for specifying variables to make available in all templates.
  • zend-servicemanager 3.0.2 fixes an issue whereby the creation context was not being passed correctly to abstract factories from plugin managers, and provides a performance boost for alias resolution.
  • zend-code 3.0.1 moves the phpcs dependency to the require-dev section, and ensures that the method name is required when adding a method to the class generator.
  • zend-apigility-admin 1.4.1 fixes an issue in the RpcServiceModel to ensure that a correct pattern is generated when fetching a service by name.
  • zend-apigility-admin-ui 1.2.2 fixes a number of issues discovered, including:
    • DB Autodiscovery was failing due to inability to properly select the DB adapter name.
    • Custom authentication adapters are now displayed.
    • The regex for validating custom content-types was fixed to ensure it only allows valid MIME type specifications.
    • Fixes validation for REST and RPC service names, raising a warning on invalid input.

ZF3 Refactors

Our refactoring effort has slowed due to our focus on getting Expressive stabilized, though we're starting to get a number of community contributions to aid the effort.

If you wish to assist, please read the ZF3 ServiceManager refactoring guide; be sure to edit the wiki to indicate when you're working on a component, as well as to indicate the relevant pull request.

Until next time

If you want to help:

Many thanks to all the contributors who have provided feedback, patches, reviews, or releases these past two weeks!



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