Issues, Tags, and Closures (oh my)

Hello Zend Frameworkians.

I want to make you aware of some upcoming changes to the issues that are currently logged in GitHub. We currently have 426 open issues that are logged against the (now) meta zf2 repository. The vast majority of these are now in the wrong place, as we've split our once monolithic single repository into the many single component repositories. These issues should be moved from the zf2 repository to the correct component that the issue relates to.

In preparation for this, we've been doing a little housekeeping and have already closed a few minor issues that have been open since before we even used GitHub for issue tracking. Matthew, Enrico and I also had a long discussion at Midwest PHP on the best way to handle these issues, and we came up with a plan of attack that hopefully will allow us to close off a bunch of historical issues that are no longer relevant, and then move issues that need to be moved to the correct place.

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks, a number of issues have been tagged with the new label of "To Be Closed". These are issues that have been open for a number of years and still haven't been fixed. Its probable that a number of these issues should not be closed as they are still relevant all this time later (after all, just because an issue has been open for many years does not mean that it will never be addressed). However, at some point these issues need to be triaged so that issues that are old and not relevant can be closed, and this is the convenient time.

So, in early may, all the issues that are tagged with "To Be Closed" will be closed. If you feel an issue needs to remain open for any reason, then please comment on the issue with a mention of my username (GeeH). I will then remove the "To Be Closed" tag. Next, no sooner than the 3rd May 2016, we will run a script that will automatically close every tagged issue, commenting on it to advise the original author to re-open an issue on the correct repository if they feel that issue is still valid.

Once this has been done, we will be left with around 100-150 issues by my estimation. Most of these have already been labelled with the correct repository to move them to (thanks to the sterling work of the community). The next step will be to run a script that opens a new issue with the same body text on the correct repository, adding a link to the original issue on the central zf2 repo. A comment will be added referencing the new issue on the original, and the original will be closed.

Hopefully, once this process is complete, we will be left with a few issues that are either in the right place (after all, some issues will relate to the meta package on the zf2 repository), or can be moved by hand.


You need to comment on an issue mentioning GeeH BEFORE the 3rd May 2016 to ensure it remains open after that date (if it's currently tagged "To Be Closed").



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