Announcement: ZF repository renamed!

As announced last week, today, we have renamed the "zf2" repository on GitHub to "zendframework".

Per the GitHub documentation on renames, existing links will be automatically redirected, and will persist as long as we do not create a new repository with the name "zf2". Redirects occur for:

  • issues
  • wikis
  • stars
  • followers
  • git operations

Update your remotes

While git operations pushing and pulling from the original repository URLs will continue to work, GitHub recommends you update your git remotes to point to the new location. You can do this with the following in the CLI:

$ git remote set-url origin

Note the following:

  • Replace origin with the name of the remote you use locally; upstream is also commonly used. Run git remote -v to see what you're actually using.
  • Valid remote URLs now include:
    • git://


Because Packagist points to GitHub, it will seamlessly redirect. Additionally, all sha1s for all commit remain identical. As such, there should be no impact to end-users for the change for existing installs.

We have updated Packagist to point to the new URL as well, so that as users update, their composer.lock files will start pointing to the new URL.



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