Zend Framework 1 End-of-Life Announcement

With the release of Zend Framework 3, it's time to halt development on Zend Framework 1. As such, we hereby announce that Zend Framework 1 reaches its End of Life (EOL) three months from today, on 28 September 2016.

Between now and then, we will only provide security fixes, if any security reports are made in that time frame. Past that point, we will offer custom bug and security fixes for Zend Framework 1 on-demand only to Enterprise users of Zend Server.

Additionally, as of today, access to our legacy subversion server is disabled. If you were using svn:externals to incorporate Zend Framework into your application, please download the relevant package as listed in our Zend Framework packages archives instead, or update your application to use Composer.

If you need assistance migrating your Zend Framework 1 application to Zend Framework 2/3 or Expressive, Zend offers architecture migration services.

If you are in need of Zend Framework 2/3 training, Zend offers both a Zend Framework 2 Fundamentals course and a Zend Framework 2 Advanced Concepts course.



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