Community Corner: Newsletter and Slack!

Over the years, we've had a number of different channels for the Zend Framework community to use:

  • A mailing list
  • JIRA and Confluence
  • IRC channels
  • GitHub (issues, pull requests, wikis)
  • Trello (planning)
  • Twitter (announcements)
  • Blog (announcements, articles, tutorials)

Each has had its merits, and each has its problems, ranging from discoverability to usability.

As such, we've been re-evaluating what we're doing, and focusing on how to better engage with the community, but also allow community members to better engage amongst each other.

We're now announcing the first two changes!


We now have a contributor newsletter in place, where we will:

  • Announce new releases of ZF, Expressive, and Apigility components.
  • Provide summaries of related blog posts we discover.
  • Announce roadmaps, where we'll also provide avenues for feedback.
  • Provide avenues for community engagement.

If you are interested:

The newsletter will replace our zf-announce mailing list entirely (which we have not been updating for around a year anyways), and provide more insight into what is going on in the community as a whole.


We love IRC. However, we recognize that it's not always user-friendly, and that despite best intentions, we sometimes need to moderate discussions. We've looked at a number of alternate options, including:

  • Gitter
  • Hipchat
  • Slack

We decided upon Slack for a number of reasons:

  • Easy signup and onboarding process.
  • Channels are not tied to repositories (this was key; we didn't want to overwhelm users by making them figure out exactly which discussion to join!)
  • Moderation tools available.
  • Number of integrations available.
  • Familiarity within the ecosystem.

We've been quietly testing it for a couple of weeks, by first bringing in our community review team, and then contributors. We're now opening it for general signups:

Slack will replace IRC for both user and contributor discussions. If you are an IRC die-hard, we have enabled the Slack <-> IRC bridge, which you can get information on after you have signed up for Slack.


We've had the zfdevteam twitter account for several years. This past month, however, we've put a number of processes and integrations in place to ensure you get information on:

  • the latest releases
  • recent blog posts
  • ZF/Expressive/Apigility-related events

If you're not following zfdevteam yet, start following now!

More to come!

We have a few more initiatives in the works, and hope to announce them soon! Keep an eye on this space for announcements (or in the #news channel on Slack!)!



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