Community Corner: Discourse Forums!

For many years, we've had requests for dedicated Zend Framework forums. We've resisted doing so, and instead deferred to using mailing lists and Stack Overflow tags. However, these are imperfect: searching for questions and answers is often difficult if not impossible.


In the past few years, Discourse has proved itself as a community-centric forum solution. Further, they have started offering free hosting for open source communities, making it a compelling option to consider.

We recently reached out to them, and they have agreed to host the Zend Framework forums for us.

Zend Framework Community

So, please join us on the Zend Framework Discourse Forums!

You may sign up with any Google, GitHub, or Twitter account, or register directly with the site.

Some pages of interest:

Additionally, we have setup a section for contributors to discuss architecture, milestones, etc.

Welcome all, and we look forward to your conversations!




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