Endings and Beginnings: Goodbye, and Please Welcome the Laminas Project!

New Year's Eve 2019 marked a new era for Zend Framework.

That day, the community migrated the Zend Framework code base to its new homes on GitHub, marking its shift to becoming the Laminas Project.

Up until that day, the Zend Framework was single-handedly sponsored and led by Zend Technologies, and later Rogue Wave Software. With the transition, it is now led by an independent Technical Steering Committee, and will soon be governed by a charter with the Linux Foundation.

Over the years, Zend Framework has seen wide adoption across the PHP ecosystem, with an emphasis on the Enterprise market. It has formed the basis of numerous business applications and services including eCommerce platforms, content management, healthcare systems, entertainment platforms and portals, messaging services, APIs, and many others. The Laminas Project will continue to serve PHP users building these applications.


To prevent branding issues, the project has a new name, as does its subprojects. At a glance:

Original Project Original GitHub Organization Original PHP Namespace New Project Name New GitHub Organization New PHP Namespace
Zend Framework (components) zendframework Zend Laminas (components) laminas Laminas
Zend Framework (MVC) zendframework Zend Laminas (MVC) laminas Laminas
Apigility zfcampus ZF / ZF\Apigility Laminas API Tools laminas-api-tools Laminas\ApiTools
Expressive zendframework Zend\Expressive Mezzio mezzio Mezzio

There are a few outliers (e.g., both zf-development-mode and zf-composer-autoloading lived under zfcampus, and thus Apigility, previously, but are now distributed as Laminas components), but those are the general changes.

In all cases, the original repository was marked as "Archived" on GitHub, which makes the repository read-only, and prevents opening new issues or pull requests, or commenting on existing ones. Additionally, the related packages were marked "Abandoned" on Packagist, with a recommendation of using the equivalent Laminas package.

Users will still be able to install all existing Zend Framework, Apigility, and Expressive packages, now and into the foreseeable future; they just will not get any more updates. As such, we strongly urge you to migrate your code to Laminas.

How to Migrate

The Laminas Project includes a full migration guide which can be used both to migrate applications as well as libraries that consume any Zend Framework, Apigility, and/or Expressive components.

What's next?

For Zend Framework? Nothing. It's not going away, but there will be no further development on it or its subprojects.

For Laminas? There are many ideas and projects that the community has been waiting until the migration to start! Keep an eye on the Laminas Project blog for new posts detailing these!



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