Zend Framework 2.2.4 Released!

2013-08-26 | By: Matthew Weier O'Phinney

The Zend Framework community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Zend Framework 2.2.4! Packages and installation instructions are available at:

This release fixes a regression found in the Form component released with version 2.2.3; if you use that component, we urge you to upgrade to 2.2.4.


Version 2.2.3 introduced a regression in the Form component, as a side-effect of fixing another issue. The preferFormInputFilter flag was originally created to allow developers to choose whether they wanted to prefer the input filter they explicitly composed in the form to have priority, or use the input filter settings the form aggregated from default elements instead. Interestingly, the form component essentially enforced the latter situation (prefering what the form aggregated), making the flag have no semantic meaning.

A side effect of this, however, led to a regression in the InputFilter component. Starting sometime in the 2.2 series, the behavior of input merging was changed to merge the old input into the new. In 2.2.3, we corrected this behavior -- but it broke the default merging order in the Form component. On inspection, we discovered that the fix to the InputFilter essentially gave semantic meaning back to the preferFormInputFilter flag -- but that the default behavior -- which was to prefer what the form aggregates -- was now flip-flopped.

The fix in 2.2.4 is to enable the preferFormInputFilter flag by default, thus restoring the previous expected behavior. Additionally, we now provide the ability to set this flag via form options or the form factory.

If you use the Form component, we urge you to upgrade to 2.2.4 immediately.


To see the full changelog, visit:

Thank You!

Many thanks to Michaƫl Gallego and Michael Gooden for helping me troubleshoot the form issues!


Maintenance releases happen monthly on the third Wednesday.



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