1.12.16 (2010-05-23)

Zend Framework 1.12.16 (2015-09-15)


  • ZF2015-07: A number of components, including Zend_Cloud, Zend_Search_Lucene, and Zend_Service_WindowsAzure were creating directories with a liberal umask that could lead to local arbitrary code execution and/or local privilege escalation. This release contains a patch that ensures the directories are created using permissions of 0775 and files using 0664 (essentially umask 0002).
  • ZF2015-08: ZF2014-06 uncovered an issue in the sqlsrv adapter provided by the framework whereby null bytes were not filtered correctly when generating SQL. A reporter discovered the same vulnerability is present in our PDO implementation when used with pdo_dblib, and could potentially be applied to other PDO adapters. This release contains a patch to properly escape null bytes used in SQL queries across all PDO adapters shipped with the framework.


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