2.0.0beta3 (2012-03-02)

This is the third in a series of planned beta releases. The beta release cycle will follow the "gmail" style of betas, whereby new features will be added in each new release, and BC will not be guaranteed; beta releases will happen approximately every six weeks.

Once the established milestones have been reached and the featureset has reached maturity and reasonable stability, we will freeze the API and prepare for Release Candidate status.


  • Refactored Config component (Ben Scholzen, Artur Bodera, Enrico Zimuel, Evan Coury)
    • All readers moved under Zend\Config\Reader
      • JSON and YAML readers removed until beta4

      • New API: $xml = new Zend\Config\Reader\Xml(); $config = new Zend\Config\Config($xml->fromFile($filename);

        or: $xml = new Zend\Config\Reader\Xml(); $config = $xml->fromFile($filename, true);

        or, simpler: $config = Zend\Config\Factory::fromFile($filename);

      • All constant injection removed from readers

        • New Processor API allows processing the retrieved configuration to do optional injection/manipulation of configuration values.
      • Ability to import other configuration files within a configuration file added.

    • Factory added, to simplify retrieving configuration from any configuration format supported.
  • New View layer (Matthew Weier O'Phinney)
    • View layer is now:
      • Models, for aggregating and representing data to render; models may be nested to represent complex view hierarchies
      • Renderers, which render templates, using either variables provided or Models
      • Resolvers, which resolve template names to resources a renderer may consume
      • View, which allows attaching strategies for determining the renderer to use, as well as how to inject the response when done.
    • Old Zend_View is now Zend\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer
      • Composes a Resolver, a PluginBroker (for helpers), a Variables container (for aggregating variables to pass to the view script), and a FilterChain (for output filtering).
      • render() now accepts View\Models
      • allows rendering stacks of templates under the same variable scope, via the addTemplate() mechanism
      • moves escaping to an Escape view helper; no auto-escaping is enabled
    • MVC integration
      • Strategy listeners for:
        • Handling and returning 404 pages
        • Handling and returning error pages due to exceptions
        • RAD support for creation and injection of view models from action controller return values
      • Addition of a "render" event, executing after "dispatch" and before "finish"
  • New Db layer (Ralph Schindler)
    • Complete rewrite from the ground up.
    • New architecture features low-level drivers, which also provide access to the PHP resource being consumed; adapters, which provide basic abstraction for common CRUD operations; new SQL abstraction layer, with full predicate support; abstraction for ResultSet's, with the ability to cast rows to specific object types; abstraction for SQL metadata; and a revised Table and Row Data Gateway.
  • New Zend\Service\AgileZen component (Enrico Zimuel)
    • Support for the full AgileZen (http://www.agilezen.com) API
    • Developed for use with http://framework.zend.com/zf2/board
  • PHP 5.4 support
    • A number of issues when running ZF2 under PHP 5.4 were identified and corrected.
  • Other components that received attention:
    • Zend\GData (Maks3w)
    • Zend\Navigation (Kyle Spraggs, Frank Br├╝ckner)
    • Zend\Session (Mike Willbanks)
    • Zend\Service\Technorati (Maks3w)
    • Zend\Service\StrikeIron (Maks3w)
    • Zend\Service\Twitter (Maks3w)
    • Zend\Http\Header\Accept* (Matthew Weier O'Phinney, Enrico Zimuel)
      • Adds support for q priority, level identifiers, and wildcard media and submedia types
    • Zend\Ldap (Maks3w, Stefah Gehrig)
    • Zend\Oauth (bakura10)
    • Zend\Mvc and Zend\Module (Evan Coury, many others)

Around 200 pull requests for a variety of features and bugfixes were handled since beta2.


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