2.0.0rc1 (2012-07-25)

Zend Framework 2.0.0rc1

This is the first release candidate for 2.0.0. We will be releasing RCs on a weekly basis until we feel all critical issues are addressed. At this time, we anticipate no API changes before the stable release, and recommend testing your production applications against it.

25 July 2012

  • Documentation
    • is now in a new repository, https://github.com/zendframework/zf2-documentation
    • Documentation has been converted from DocBook5 to ReStructured Text (reST or rst).
  • Coding standards fixes
    • We are (mostly) PSR-2 compliant at this time
  • Moved all Service components, include Cloud, GData, OAuth, OpenID, and Rest to separate repositories under the zendframework organization on GitHub. This will allow them to be versioned separately, which allows them to break backwards compatibility when necessitated by API changes.
  • Removed Zend\InfoCard as InfoCard has been declared obsolete by MicroSoft.
  • Removed Zend\Registry; without the singleton nature, it was confusing and no longer relevant.
  • Removed Zend\Test component. Most features are now part of PHPUnit, and the others were ZF1-specific.
  • Removed Zend\Wildfire, as its API was specific to ZF1, and because we can easily leverage FirePHP at this time.
  • Removed Zend\DocBook, as it was primarily to assist in creating DocBook5 skeletons for the manual; since we've moved to rst, this is no longer relevant.
  • Removed Zend\Dojo, as the implementation was ZF1 specific, and out-of-date with recent Dojo releases.
  • Moved Amf, Markup, Pdf, Queue, Search, and TimeSync to separate repositories, as their APIs are not yet stable. PDF will be released with 2.0.0rc1, but only to provide a dependency for Zend\Barcode.
  • Renamed any classes, properties, or methods referencing the word "configuration" to read "config" instead; this provides consistency internally, and with the Zend\Config component.
  • Moved Zend\Acl to Zend\Permissions\Acl.
  • Console
    • Added features for console routing, providing more flexibility over the traditional Getopt methodology.
    • Added colorization, tables, prompts, and a variety of other interactive features.
    • Added ability to use controllers to respond to console routes.
  • Crypt, Math, Filter\Encrypt and Filter\Decrypt
    • Random number generation was consolidated to Zend\Math.
    • Removed the Mcrypt adapter in Filter and replaced with a BlockCipher algorithm.
  • DB
    • Metadata now understands enums and sets
    • Added Replace SQL statement type
    • AbstractRowGateway provides more cohesive access to field values.
  • EventManager
    • The first call to setSharedManager() will now seed the StaticEventManager, in order to match user expectations that the shared event manager is the same everywhere.
  • Form
    • Select-style elements now have options populated as value => label pairs instead of label => value pairs. This is done to ensure that option values are unique.
    • Added getValue() and setValue() to the ElementInterface to make a semantic distinction between an element value and attributes. This allows for easier handling of non-string or calculated values, such as those found in the Csrf and DateTime-family of elements.
    • getMessages() now omits any elements that have an empty messages array.
    • Allows removing elements from Collections
    • Fixed default validators for MultiCheckbox and Radio elements
    • Custom options are now allowed for all elements, fieldsets, and forms.
    • Labels and several other view helpers are now translator-capable
  • Http
    • set/getServer() and set/getEnv() were removed from Http\Request and now part of Http\PhpEnvironment\Request
    • set/getFile() methods in Http\PhpEnvironment\Request were renamed to set/getFiles(). Also above methods
    • When submitted form has file inputs with brackets (name="file[]") $fileParams parameters in Http\PhpEnvironment\Request will be re-structured to have the same look as query/post/server/envParams
    • each of get(Post|Query|Headers|Files|Env|Server) were provided with two optional arguments, a specific key to retrieve, and a default value to return if not found.
    • Accept header parsing is more robust with regards to priority.
  • InputFilter
    • Added ability to retrieve input objects
  • I18n
    • Moved Zend\I18n\Validator\Iban to Zend\Validator\Iban and replaced the option "locale" with "country_code"
  • Json
    • Enabled a number of additional flags for json_encode
  • Loader
    • Removed the PrefixPathLoader, and replaced all usages of it in the framework with custom AbstractPluginManager implementations; this includes Zend\Feed, Zend\Text, and Zend\File\Transfer.
  • Log
    • Added a MongoDB log writer
    • Added a FirePHP log writer
    • Refactored how filters are instantiated and managed to use an AbstractPluginManager instance.
  • Mail
    • Added a MessageId header class
  • ModuleManager
    • Made it possible to substitute alternate ServiceListener implementations
    • Moved default service configuration from the ModuleManager to the ServiceListener
  • MVC
    • Fixed a potential security issue in the ControllerLoader whereby arbitrary, non-controller classes could be instantiated. This involves removing the ability to fetch controllers via the DI Proxy (a minor backwards compatibility break).
    • Restful controller now provides a simpler way to marshal input data and override the default behavior.
    • Most View-related services were moved to their own factories to allow easier overriding by developers.
    • New PostRedirectGet plugin, to simplify PRG strategies for form submissions.
  • Serializer was refactored to make better use of PHP 5.3 features and to simplify the API.
  • ServiceManager
    • Allow passing the SM instance to initializers
    • Allow specifying the classname of an InitializerInterface implementation to addInitializer()
  • Validator
    • ValidatorChain now has a getValidators() method
    • InArray validator now does context-aware strict checks to prevent false positive matches, fixing a potential security vulnerability.
  • View
    • New AbstractTranslatorHelper, for helpers that should allow translations.

Almost 200 pull requests for a variety of features and bugfixes were handled since beta5!


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