ZF-10373: REQUEST_URI problem

Issue Type: Bug Created: 2010-08-24T02:38:47.000+0000 Last Updated: 2010-12-18T18:52:04.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): Reporter: Alexey Savchuk (sabo) Assignee: Marc Hodgins (mjh_ca) Tags: - Zend_Controller

Related issues: Attachments: - ZF-10373.patch


A'm created module 'admin'. If get this module by url http://project.local/Admin/, i have notice: Undefined index: Admin in /usr/local/lib/php/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php on line 384

If get this module by url http://project.local/admin/ - not problem.

P.S. I can fixed this bug in Bootstrap: $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = strtolower($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);


Posted by Adam Lundrigan (adamlundrigan) on 2010-12-18T14:01:15.000+0000

@Alexey I've attached a patch which should fix the specific issue you are encountering

Posted by Ramon Henrique Ornelas (ramon) on 2010-12-18T14:03:46.000+0000

Please attach patch with tests.

Thanks advance.

Posted by Adam Lundrigan (adamlundrigan) on 2010-12-18T14:45:10.000+0000

@Ramon Apologies...I thought I had included it. I've added a new patch with the test.

Posted by Marc Hodgins (mjh_ca) on 2010-12-18T18:51:55.000+0000

The existing behavior is intended behavior; paths must be case sensitive. Allowing multiple paths to the same module/controller/action will, among other issues, cause significant SEO problems as Google will see duplicate content at multiple URLs.

Closing as won't fix.

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