ZF-11383: S3 getObjectStream() gets stuck in an eternal loop in Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket::read() when retrieving an S3 object within a double-level subdir

Issue Type: Bug Created: 2011-05-16T22:14:20.000+0000 Last Updated: 2011-11-03T23:10:21.000+0000 Status: Open Fix version(s): Reporter: Philip Schlesinger (theschles) Assignee: Shahar Evron (shahar) Tags: - Zend_Http_Client

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  • S3

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Put an image file of size ~1.8 MB on S3 in a double-level subdir (i.e. ///file.png

Test if available via Zend's S3 isObjectAvailable() method (it should return true)

Now getObjectStream() for the S3 object

After drilling down a bit, Zend_Http_Client_Adapter_Socket::read() will sit spinning forever, when the original S3 put took only a few moments

Specifically, it gets stuck here:

<pre class="highlight">
for ($read_to = $current_pos + $contentLength;
                 $read_to > $current_pos;
                 $current_pos = ftell($this->socket)) {
                 if($this->out_stream) {
                     if(@stream_copy_to_stream($this->socket, $this->out_stream, $read_to - $current_pos) == 0) {
                 } else {
                    $chunk = @fread($this->socket, $read_to - $current_pos);
                    if ($chunk === false || strlen($chunk) === 0) {

                    $response .= $chunk;

                // Break if the connection ended prematurely
                if (feof($this->socket)) break;

You'll see that $current_pos never increases, and thus the for loop becomes an eternal loop.

I've tested using the S3 streamWrapper functionality:

<pre class="highlight">
$sourceHandle = fopen("s3:://$s3object","r");
        $targetHandle = fopen($localImageToFormat,"w");
        $length = 102400;
            $result = fwrite($targetHandle, fread($sourceHandle, $length));

The feof is never received. I'm guessing the problem is that S3 doesn't send a feof.

Please fix this ASAP.


Posted by Shahar Evron (shahar) on 2011-05-23T18:29:22.000+0000


Are you sure that the 2nd problem you are describing (the S3 stream wrapper never reaches EOF) is really related to a bug in Zend_Http_Client?

It's not true that $current_pos never increases - as you can see there's a call ``` in the iterator of the for loop. I've tested this with a file on S3 using the Socket adapter and write-to-stream interface, with a 5mb file on a 2nd level directory, this works very well.

Can you try to isolate the problem from the s3 stream wrapper? E.g. provide a piece of code (preferrably with a URL to the exact public file on S3 you are testing with) that gets stuck in an infinite loop, but not using the s3 wrapper - only Zend_Http_Client.

If the problem is not in Zend_Http_Client, this bug needs to be reassigned.

Posted by Alex PHP (ngstylez) on 2011-11-03T19:29:03.000+0000

Philip, is there any follow up on this?

I also see this issue in one of my environments, but not others. I'm suspecting it may be a system configuration setting that is causing it to happen.

Posted by Philip Schlesinger (theschles) on 2011-11-03T23:10:21.000+0000

We just gave up, as the only way to offer up an example of this happening was to post a file to our S3 and then provide our personal login details...

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