ZF-1652: Improve overall quality of inline documentation

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The current inline documentation for Zend_Gdata does a poor job of describing the effects of various classes and method calls, and in a few places is missing entirely. This needs to be improved.

In particular: * The side effects of various extension elements are not described. * Limitations and requirements (such as event reminders being limited to what's in the Google Calendar UI) are not described. * Method descriptions are often terse and don't provide more information than the name of the method they're describing. For example, many setters methods are labeled like this: "Sets the value for this element's FOO property". * Return values and parameters are not always consistent with what is expected or produced by methods.

While most of the missing information can be figured out by reading the Google Data reference documentation, this shouldn't be a requirement for using this library. Ideally a user should be able to figure out everything about the library solely from the API documentation.


Posted by Rob Allen (rob) on 2012-11-20T20:52:32.000+0000

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