ZF-2664: Nothing shows when adding a page to a PDF with non-zero start number

Issue Type: Bug Created: 2008-02-15T13:14:32.000+0000 Last Updated: 2008-12-21T05:59:34.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): - 1.7.1 (01/Dec/08)

Reporter: Logan Buesching (ljbuesch) Assignee: Alexander Veremyev (alexander) Tags: - Zend_Pdf

Related issues: - ZF-13



When I create a page in a PDF document that has a non-zero start number, it shows nothing on the page. I used the exact same code with a PDF document that has a zero start number and it added the text just fine.

Original PDF w/o modifications:

PDF w/modifications

Please let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Thanks, Logan


Posted by Alexander Veremyev (alexander) on 2008-02-15T14:58:03.000+0000

Could you also attach a script you are using to update PDF document?

Posted by Logan Buesching (ljbuesch) on 2008-02-29T13:48:22.000+0000

Here is some sample code that will do it: setFont($font,12); $cover->drawText("HELLO WORLD",100,100); array\_unshift($pdf->pages,$cover); $pdf->save('modified.pdf'); echo "done"; ?>

Posted by Wil Sinclair (wil) on 2008-03-31T16:12:00.000+0000

Please evaluate and categorize as necessary.

Posted by Alexander Veremyev (alexander) on 2008-11-21T07:26:36.000+0000

The problem is that you tried to modify encripted document.

Moreover it has the following encryption options: |Security Method:|Password Security| |Document Open Password:|No| |Permissions Password:|Yes| |Printing:|High Resolution| |Changing the Document:|Not Allowed| |Commenting:|Not Allowed| |Form Field Fill-in or Signing:|Not Allowed| |Document Assembly:|Not Allowed| |Content Copying:|Not Allowed| |Content Accessibility Enabled:|Not Allowed| |Page Extraction:|Not Allowed| |Encryption Level:|-10-bit RC4|

So a document changing is not allowed.

Posted by Alexander Veremyev (alexander) on 2008-11-21T07:36:41.000+0000

Fixed (correct error message is provided).

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