ZF-426: Setting a key as a scalar and an array fails

Issue Type: Bug Created: 2006-10-06T15:40:05.000+0000 Last Updated: 2007-07-05T14:43:22.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): - 0.2.0 (29/Oct/06)

Reporter: Rob Allen (rob) Assignee: Rob Allen (rob) Tags: - Zend_Config

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ini file:

<pre class="highlight">
db = one = two

load into a $config and var_dump($config) gives:

<pre class="highlight">
object(Zend_Config_Ini)#1317 (4) {
  ["_allowModifications:protected"] => bool(false)
  ["_index:protected"] => int(0)
  ["_count:protected"] => int(1)
  ["_data:protected"] => array(1) {
    ["db"] => string(3) "tne"

Related to this, _processLevelsInKey() is unnecessary and _processKey() can recurse to itself.


Posted by Rob Allen (rob) on 2006-10-06T16:41:05.000+0000

Fixed in subversion changeset 1187

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