ZF-4299: Zend Form documentation - disable escaping on form output seems unclear

Issue Type: Docs: Improvement Created: 2008-09-15T22:49:01.000+0000 Last Updated: 2012-11-09T10:01:53.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): - 1.12.1 (18/Dec/12)

Reporter: Joel Butler (joelabutler) Assignee: Frank Brückner (frosch) Tags: - Zend_Form

Related issues: - ZF-9400

Attachments: - ZF-4299.diff


After reading through the Zend Form documentation several times I still encountered problems attempting to disable 'Zend_Form_Element_Radio' from escaping html characters within my radio button data. Would it be possible to add a section detailing how to achieve this? I eventually discovered that calling $element->setAttrib('escape', false) achieved this but had to resort to debugging to figure this out.


Posted by Steve Lounsbury (stephenminded) on 2009-06-16T09:25:09.000+0000

I can also verify that this is a bit of a tough one to figure out without a debugger or reading through the code. Closest thing I could find in the docs is […], but 'escape' is not mentioned there. I've attached a patch for that section of the documentation (which also details 'listsep'), however it is possibly incomplete as there may be other elements that use 'escape' which I did not list. Patch submitted anyway in an attempt to be as helpful as possible here.

Posted by Rob Allen (rob) on 2012-11-07T21:32:08.000+0000

Patch applied on trunk (25114) and release-1.12 (25115)

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