ZF-6255: Increased functionality for Google Apps -> Groups (Email Lists)

Issue Type: Improvement Created: 2009-04-09T12:00:30.000+0000 Last Updated: 2010-07-07T12:13:25.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): - 1.10.7 (28/Jul/10)

Reporter: James Ellis (jamesellis) Assignee: Christopher Thomas (cwt137) Tags: - Zend_Gdata

Related issues: Attachments: - ZF-6255_code.patch


The current API for working with Google apps uses deprecated HTTP requests and does not include a good portion of the functionality which is available to manipulate the Email Lists/Groups. Currently I plan to implement the ability to modify the "emailPermission" field of groups as well as add and remove owners for groups. Some other functionality may be added in as well, but I'm fairly new to this, and that's assuming I can get the things I require up and working first.


Posted by Joel Brauer (ehudokai) on 2010-03-22T09:43:37.000+0000

This is an important issue for us. I will likely work on this soon if noone else gets to it.

Posted by Joel Brauer (ehudokai) on 2010-03-31T13:45:53.000+0000

Starting today myself and a coworker cwt137 are going to begin working on this issue. Our organization (Loma Linda University) needs this API implemented properly in PHP for our priorities.

Posted by Ryan Boyd (rboyd) on 2010-03-31T14:19:19.000+0000

Great, glad to hear it. Is there someone with a signed CLA that I can assign this issue to?

Posted by Christopher Thomas (cwt137) on 2010-04-05T07:13:35.000+0000

I have a signed and approved personal CLA, but Joel and I are getting a corporate CLA signed

Posted by Christopher Thomas (cwt137) on 2010-05-10T10:31:12.000+0000

Joel said that the corporate CLA is signed, so I'm assigning the issue to me. Expect a big patch soon.

Posted by Christopher Thomas (cwt137) on 2010-05-14T09:46:50.000+0000

Attached are three patches. The code patch implements the 12 or so convince group, member, and owner methods as defined in the Google apps documentation located here:… . It also contains support code needed to make those convenience methods work. The docs patch is some simple user documentation for these convenience methods. The tests patch is all the unit tests that are needed to test the convenience methods and supporting code. I split the patch into 3 files because one patch was over 150k in size. Please have a review of the code.

Posted by Vic Fryzel (vicfryzel) on 2010-06-28T11:23:27.000+0000

@Christopher, I've reviewed your patches, they look good to me. I bless these patches on behalf of Google. Thanks for contributing!

Posted by Trevor Johns (tjohns) on 2010-06-30T18:45:45.000+0000

Committed to master as r22511. Thanks for your contribution!

{quote} commit 859efefcf9f9962e311bf624af2e4225f342cc74 Author: tjohns tjohns@44c647ce-9c0f-0410-b52a-842ac1e357ba Date: Thu Jul 1 01:41:46 2010 +0000

ZF-6255: Update Zend_Gdata_Gapps to support new functionality for Email Lists/Groups.

Also remove calls to deprecated HTTP calls.

Patch By: cwt137 (Christopher Thomas)
Review By: vicfryzel (Vic Fryzel)

git-svn-id: <a rel="nofollow" href="">;</a> 44c647ce-9c0f-0410-b52a-842ac1e357ba


Posted by Trevor Johns (tjohns) on 2010-07-07T12:13:23.000+0000

Merged into release-1.10 as r22534.

Marking as fixed for next mini release.

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