ZF-6779: Sidebar overlays large tables

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On pages such as… where large tables are used the sidebar (containing the index of ZF class names) overlays the table, making parts of the table unreadable.

This is happening on Safari 3 for Mac, Firefox 3 for Mac, and IE7 Windows. I am sure most browsers are affected.

I'd upload a screenshot if I could work out how to ;-)


Posted by Simon R Jones (studio24) on 2009-05-22T04:35:13.000+0000

This illustrates the overlay issue

Posted by jw (ronny stalker) on 2009-07-29T21:26:36.000+0000

One quick solution could be to write a 3rd party transformation script (hosted by anyone anywhere):

-- Then we can all just visit :…

to be able to see the table's data.

any keen community memeber can do this, i guess. (I would have done if i had the time)

not sure about copyright though. ;o)

Posted by jw (ronny stalker) on 2009-07-30T01:53:03.000+0000

ok...further to the last comment.


If you are having trouble reading the tbl use the html_table_to_html_list_converter service to make it more readable:…

Posted by Rob Allen (rob) on 2012-11-20T20:53:06.000+0000

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