ZF-7370: Zend_Gdata_App_FeedTest::testSetServicePropagatesToChildren() tests produce an error on PHP 5.3

Issue Type: Unit Tests: Problem Created: 2009-07-23T15:49:20.000+0000 Last Updated: 2009-07-28T12:57:41.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): - 1.9.0 (31/Jul/09)

Reporter: Shahar Evron (shahar) Assignee: Trevor Johns (tjohns) Tags: - Zend_Gdata

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On PHP 5.3, the Gdata tests produce an error:

<pre class="highlight">
There was 1 error:

1) testSetServicePropagatesToChildren(Zend_Gdata_App_FeedTest)
get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given


Posted by Satoru Yoshida (satoruyoshida) on 2009-07-28T08:18:37.000+0000

Set component and auto reassign

Posted by Trevor Johns (tjohns) on 2009-07-28T12:57:41.000+0000

This has already been fixed in ZF 1.9.0 by r17036:

<pre class="literal">
17036 created by matthew on 24 July 2009, 09:28:01 -0700
[PHP-5.3-COMPAT] Fixed Config and Gdata tests to run under PHP 5.3
 /standard/branches/release-1.9/tests/Zend/Config/IniTest.php 17036    (+6 -1) diffs
 /standard/branches/release-1.9/tests/Zend/Gdata/App/FeedTest.php 17036    (+15 -4) diffs

Backport to trunk in r17037:

<pre class="literal">
17037 created by matthew on 24 July 2009, 09:29:01 -0700
[TESTS] backport r17036 to trunk
 /standard/trunk/tests/Zend/Config/IniTest.php 17037    (+6 -1) diffs
 /standard/trunk/tests/Zend/Gdata/App/FeedTest.php 17037    (+15 -4) diffs

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