ZF-8131: Rendering filters

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Along with missing post-validation filters, which i understand that is postponed for 2.0 there are other kind of filters which are actually missing.

I am mentioning "rendering filters". What i mean by this ? Let's give you a sample:

Let's suppose we have a form with works with mixed kind of numeric values: a) id's or phone numbers or other kind of numbers which doesn't have a localized version, just a normalized version b) amounts (money, quantities, whatever) which have both a localized version and a normalized version.

The mode is going to store of course, the normalized version of the data.

But, the form should rather render the values into localized version, as: 13,454 and not 13456 Of course, before the validation (or after validation with post validation filters which are to come) we can actually filter the input given from the form so we validate and get back the normalized version, instead of localized version.

So, what we are missing now there are filters so we convert the data before rendering into an appropriate format. In my sample, to convert from a normalized version to a localized version.

I don't think there is a "standard" way of doing this now, for values, and we gonna use for now just workarounds, ad make new view helpers, overwrite setDefaults aso.

So please if possible consider if we don't actually need those kind of filters...


Posted by Cristian Bichis (avantis) on 2009-10-23T02:05:56.000+0000

Please delete this issue as is duplicated of 8130, it were some problems with zf site so i tried twice to post...

Posted by Dolf Schimmel (Freeaqingme) (freak) on 2009-10-23T07:10:53.000+0000

Closing as duplicate (as requested).

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