ZF-8305: Zend_Tool create controller in nonexistent module dies on fatal error

Issue Type: Bug Created: 2009-11-15T03:45:31.000+0000 Last Updated: 2011-09-25T02:24:35.000+0000 Status: Closed Fix version(s): - 1.11.11 (29/Sep/11)

Reporter: Martin Hujer (mhujer) Assignee: Raphael de Almeida (jaguarnet7) Tags: - Zend_Tool

Related issues: - ZF-8389

Attachments: - ZF-8305.diff


When I tried to create controller in nonexistent module, it died with an error:

zf create controller users 1 nonexistent -> Fatal error: Call to a member function search() on a non-object in zf\library\Zend\Tool\Project\Provider\Controller.php on line 107

(tested on latest incubator version)


Posted by Ralf Eggert (ralf) on 2010-05-29T08:22:52.000+0000

duplicated issue

Posted by Raphael de Almeida (jaguarnet7) on 2011-09-18T15:50:57.000+0000

I understand the issue, but I can't create a test. How can I create a test to simulate a requested Zend_Tool?

Posted by Raphael de Almeida (jaguarnet7) on 2011-09-24T12:47:03.000+0000

In fact Zend_Tool_Project_Provider_Controller::hasResource() with nonexistent module dies on fatal error.

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