ZF-9161: incorrect method names/descriptions for Zend_Feed_Writer_Feed_FeedAbstract

Issue Type: Docs: Problem Created: 2010-02-12T15:26:31.000+0000 Last Updated: 2010-05-04T06:31:31.000+0000 Status: Resolved Fix version(s): - 1.10.5 (26/May/10)

Reporter: Chris Osborn (csosborn) Assignee: Pádraic Brady (padraic) Tags: - Zend_Feed_Writer

Related issues: Attachments: - Zend_Feed_Writer.xml.patch


The description of "getGenerator()" on… is wrong. While the method name is "getGenerator" it is pretty clear that the text is trying to describe the setGenerator method. It also says that the method takes an array with three keys; it actually takes $name, $version, and $uri arguments, in that order.

Similarly, the description of getDateModified actually refers to setDateModified.


Posted by Christoph Löffler ( on 2010-03-08T11:25:57.000+0000

patch which corrects the mentioned lines

Posted by Christoph Löffler ( on 2010-04-11T09:47:49.000+0000

Updated patch file to reflect latest changes in repository.

Posted by Pádraic Brady (padraic) on 2010-05-04T06:31:30.000+0000

Resolved in r22094.

The setGenerator description was intended to be correct - I've added changes to the source code to make this a reality. As a result I've also marked the prior methodology of multiple params as deprecated in the test suite (it won't be removed until ZF 2.0).

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