Zend Framework 0.8 - Zend Framework Migration Notes

Zend Framework 0.8

When upgrading from a previous release to Zend Framework 0.8 or higher you should note the following migration notes.


Per previous changes, the most basic usage of the MVC components remains the same:

  1. Zend_Controller_Front::run('/path/to/controllers');

However, the directory structure underwent an overhaul, several components were removed, and several others either renamed or added. Changes include:

  • Zend_Controller_Router was removed in favor of the rewrite router.

  • Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter was renamed to Zend_Controller_Router_Rewrite, and promoted to the standard router shipped with the framework; Zend_Controller_Front will use it by default if no other router is supplied.

  • A new route class for use with the rewrite router was introduced, Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Module; it covers the default route used by the MVC, and has support for controller modules.

  • Zend_Controller_Router_StaticRoute was renamed to Zend_Controller_Router_Route_Static.

  • Zend_Controller_Dispatcher was renamed Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Standard.

  • Zend_Controller_Action::_forward()'s arguments have changed. The signature is now:

    1. final protected function _forward($action,
    2.                                   $controller = null,
    3.                                   $module = null,
    4.                                   array $params = null);

    $action is always required; if no controller is specified, an action in the current controller is assumed. $module is always ignored unless $controller is specified. Finally, any $params provided will be appended to the request object. If you do not require the controller or module, but still need to pass parameters, simply specify NULL for those values.


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