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The TeraWurfl UserAgent Features Adapter


» TeraWurfl parses the WURFL database into a MySQL database, and provides an API for querying that database for mobile device capabilies. The API also performs rigorous caching, leading to excellent performance.

Quick Start

You will need to » download and » install TeraWurfl. Make a note of where you install the library (TeraWurfl.php); we recommend installing it in your application's library directory.

Once installed, the easiest way to use TeraWurfl is to configure it via the application resource.

  1. resources.useragent.terawurfl.terawurfl_lib_dir = APPLICATION_PATH "/../library/"

If the file is autoloadable, you can also specify an empty configuration in order to utilize the adapter.

  1. resources.useragent.terawurfl[] =

Configuration Options

TeraWurfl API Options


If using the TeraWurfl API, use this key to specify in which directory the TeraWurfl.php file exists.

Available Methods

getFromRequest ( array $request, array $config )

Decompose the request in order to return an array of device capabilities.


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