13.1. Introduction to Zend_Currency

Zend_Currency is part of the strong support for i18n in Zend Framework. It handles all issues related to currency, money representation and formatting. It also provides additional methods which provide localized information on currencies, such as which currency is used in which region.

13.1.1. Why use Zend_Currency?

Zend_Currency offers the following functions for handling currency manipulations.

  • Complete Locale support

    Zend_Currency works with all available locales and therefore knows about over 100 different localized currencies. This includes currency names, abbreviations, money signs and more.

  • Reusable Currency Definitions

    Zend_Currency does not include the value of the currency. This is the reason why its functionality is not included in Zend_Locale_Format. Zend_Currency has the advantage that already defined currency representations can be reused.

  • Fluent Interface

    Zend_Currency includes fluent interfaces where possible.

  • Additional Methods

    Zend_Currency includes additional methods that offer information about which regions a currency is used in or which currency is used in a specified region.


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