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Have something you want to contribute back?

In the spirit of open-source software, you can contribute as little or as much as you like: bug reports, patches, full components or documentation are all equally appreciated. The following section describes contributing to Zend Framework.

So, You Want to File A Bug Report ...

So, you've found what you think might be a bug. Before you file it, we'd ask that you ensure that what you have is indeed a bug, by doing a little due-diligence (which also is good information to add to the bug report):

You don't have to do all of those, but by doing a few of them, it helps ensure that your bug report is complete and will get tended to.

When you're finally ready:

So, You Want to Contribute Code ...

By and large, this framework is built and maintained by the community. This means that process for submitting something back, be it a patch, some documentation, or new feature requires some level of community interaction. We proudly host our code on GitHub.

If you're not already familar with git or GitHub, take a moment to read through our The steps to create a patch are:

  • fork the zend-name project (where name is the component you are interested);
  • create a local development branch for the bugfix;
  • commit a change and push your local branch to your github fork;
  • send us a pull request for your changes to be included.

So, You Want to Hang-out With A Great Community ...


Zend Framework Slack

Forums (Discourse)

The generous folks at Discourse host a dedicated Zend Framework forum:

Use this forum to ask questions, particularly around usage, configuration, etc. Do _not_ use it to report issues, unless you discover an issue in the process of discussing a question; if you _do_ discover an issue, please then follow-up by creating an issue in the relevant repository as detailed in the section above entitled "So, you think you found a bug".

We have created the following categories:


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